Day 54: That grip!

Kensington was the BEST baby today!!! She was so happy and took lots of naps. We planned to go see Casey and Harper after K’s morning nap…and that “nap” lasted until 1pm when I finally got her up and changed her. No complaints here. It felt so nice to relax with my sweet girl for a few hours this morning after being so busy lately. 

She must’ve been dreaming about Christmas!

Her new thing is to always be holding something. She loves the wubanubs (the pacifiers with the animal attached) because she likes to hold on to them! 

She’s started holding the legs and when I burp her she grabs the cloth off my shoulder and takes it with her! Haha!

This afternoon we went to see miss Harper and Aunt Casey before the gym. Love watching these little girls grow up together!

Chillin with Auntie Casey!

Besties since the womb.

What their photo shoot was really like…

Girls, put your hands down!

Hey she’s smiling! Wait – Harper where are you going?

The wiggliest…

Uhh kens…over here…

Tonight she hung out at the gym, came home and took her bath and ate and put herself to sleep in her crib at 8pm! 

Here’s one more photo today for good measure – because I can’t get enough of her sweet smiles!! 

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