Day 52 & 53: It takes a Village!

Phew! What a weekend. I started this blog last night and kept dozing off…but better late than never!

I was supposed to workout at 8am Saturday morning but figuring Kensie would get me up between 7-7:30 like usual, I didn’t set an alarm. I woke up at 7:59, oops. We still made it there in time to workout and Kensie just rocked her PJs again for the morning. Hey…whatever works! 

After the gym, Kensie helped mom and Aunt Shell run errands to get ready for the evening out and our coaches dinner on Sunday night! She was such a good girl. We are starting to see her personality more each day and it is so much fun! I’ve also started to figure out her little quirks. She usually doesn’t care much about her pacifier – unless she’s going to nap. Otherwise she’s perfectly content just staring and sitting and trying to talk! 

She is also starting to try to put her pacifier back in when it falls out. She uses the back of her hands and shoves it toward her mouth. She usually ends up getting the side of it close enough and just starts chewing on it. Haha!

She did finally have a meltdown around 4pm, but the white noise phone app called “SoundSleeper” fixed it! A friend recommended it to me after I posted about how the vacuum calms Kensie down and sure enough, I put the noise on and it worked!

She wouldn’t give me my phone back…

Shopping with dad and waiting on the ladies to finish our nails!

Chris and I had a night out with Rob and Char for our annual Christmas dinner! We had a blast and I didn’t even worry about Kens once!! Aunt Shell always takes such great care of our sweet K. 

Pre-Christmas dinner!

Best babysitter!!

Sunday we were all pretty sleepy! We tried to get some relaxing done in the morning before we spent the afternoon cooking and getting everything ready for the coaches dinner. While we prepped, some friends were over watching football. K loves having company because she gets even more spoiled with attention! 

Morning naps with Aunt Shell!

There’s that FOMO kicking in again.

Char caught what was supposed to be our nap – but I was the only one participating in the sleeping portion…

And this is what bedtime looks like!

They say it takes a village…and I’m pretty sure we have the absolute best village there is! There’s no way I would have gotten everything done this weekend on my own. 

So thankful for all the amazing friends we have that love miss Kensie Brooke and always help us without even asking. We are so lucky and K is blessed to be raised around such great people! 

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