Day 51: FOMO

We have a busy busy weekend (which is why this post is also a day late)! I posted this photo to my Facebook page but while I was getting ready K wanted attention and I put her in my bed like this as a joke…and she passed out!

We ran lots of errands to get ready for the Christmas throwdown and party at the gym! I had to feed her in the parking lot and when I showed up to coach the 4pm K was actually still in her PJs…but we put her matching flamingo hat on because it was chilly for once!

The best shopping buddy!

Kensie had a great time at the gym party! She had so many babysitters that carried her around all night – which is her favorite. This girl has serious FOMO so she stayed awake the whole time with heavy, fluttering eyes. I thought she’d either be cranky or passed out by the time we got home – but she was alert as can be (and happy, luckily) trying to wind down for the night. We ended up bringing the mamaroo in our room and she slept in it until 6am without waking up once. HALLELUJAH! 

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