Day 50: Dancin’ Machine

I’ve been stupid busy this week adjusting to going back to coaching and trying to make it work with K’s schedule (or lack there of) , running errands and getting ready for a gym throwdown and coaches dinner this weekend. This morning the plumber came to replace our leaking faucet so Andrea covered the 9am class for me and I took full advantage of some extra snuggle time with my little girl. I could have been prepping things for the party or addressing our Christmas cards or doing one of the 4 loads of laundry or cleaning the house – but today I just needed some Kensie snuggles. 

Morning naps with my sweet little snuggler!

Overall the last few days I think the probiotics and Mylicon have really worked for her! She is rarely fussy during the day anymore and other than her nightly breakdown she always has after her bath, she is back to being my little happy baby! I also think I may have discovered a solution to ending her nightly scream sessions tonight…but I’m going to wait a few more nights to see if it keeps working before I jinx myself. 😉

This afternoon Kensie was watching Megan workout and she felt like everyone needed a little dance party break from lifting…enjoy the sweet moves. 

Her afternoon hangout. She’s such a great gym baby when mom has to work!

She must remember all the noise and loud music from the womb…she loves her naps at the gym! (It got cold when the sun went down, hence the blankets)

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