Day 49: 7 Weeks Old!

Kensie Brooke is 7 weeks old today!

K’s signature look: the side eye.

Pretty sure she’s going through a growth spurt. She slept completely through the night last night, without waking up once to eat! Today she napped most of the day as well. 

So peaceful

She was a great shopping buddy while I ran lots of errands to prep for this weekend’s events! I even used my “mommy clip” for the first time. Thing is brilliant. 

Hands free and cup holders. Winning!

K was awake most of the time she was at the gym this evening, but she was super happy! 

Not sure why she looks so concerned, haha!

When we got home it was a different story. I fed her, gave her her bath – and sure enough she LOST it. When I held her upright she kept sucking on my collar bone. I thought there was no way she could be hungry since I just fed her literally everything in me – but sure enough…I took some milk out of the fridge and she chugged almost 3oz and then was out like a light! 

Here’s to hoping she doesn’t grow out of her PJs overnight…

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