Day 48: The Vacuum 

Kensie spent a lot of time in her mamaroo this morning, which is her happy place in the mornings, but if I was out of her sight for too long she’d start to fuss. So, I made a mom office. 

Boom. Problem solved.

I was able to get some stuff done around the house and after her morning nap we ran some errands and then Kensie went to the gym with me this afternoon so I could coach! She was a great little nugget and chilled the whole time in her swing. 

Gym life.

She was a happy camper all day until after her bath. When I was about to put her in her PJs she had a meltdown. I turned on the vacuum and sure enough she stopped; however, I guess I didn’t wait long enough because once I turned it off she started back up again. Luckily she calmed down enough to eat and that did the trick because this was the aftermath…

Milk. Drunk.

The Mylicon seems to really be working for her. Other than the one complete breakdown at night some times, she is rarely fussy after she eats now and throughout the day – even when she has gas. WIN!

We went over to Will & Ashley’s for Taco Tuesdays this evening. K was fighting off sleep so she got fussy when I put her in her car seat. I downloaded an app a friend recommended called “sound sleeper” and played the vacuum sound on the way there and sure enough, she slept! 🙄 

Once we got there, Uncle Will put her right to sleep while we the rest of us ate.

He refused to put her down…so sweet!

Then she had snuggle time with Aunt Ashley!

She’s basically living the dream. 

Nap life FTW

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