Day 47: K Rolled Over!!!

Today was such a great day for mommy and Baby K! She was the happiest she’s been in a while. I got a ton of work done this morning while she napped and once she woke up, we played and read some books!

My happy girl!
During Tummy time today, KENSIE ROLLED OVER! I so wish I had been videoing it. She was pushing up on both arms like she normally does but was getting a lot higher. I leaned over to grab my phone to send a video to Chris. Next thing I know she shot up with her right arm and threw her head back and there she went! From her belly to her back at 6 weeks and 5 days old. 
This is Kensie over tummy time and starting to get mad she’s on her belly! Lol
She was such a great baby today. She barely fussed this morning when she had gas and stopped as soon as she went potty. She started crying on the way to the gym and I thought it was game over. But, after about 2 minutes she stopped on her own and was great while I coached! I did have to feed her a bottle as the class warmed up – but it worked out. 

After the gym she got her bath and ate and went to bed for a little in her crib. She woke back up and as she was fighting off going back to sleep she started screaming for the first time all day. Chris turned on the vacuum and she stopped instantly. It’s like a magic trick!

Oh, and a few people asked me today what happened to the tree. I said it fell but I never said how…it did it completely on its own! The dogs weren’t even near it. Just a slow timber.

It’s all better now!

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