Day 46: Daddy to the Rescue!

What a day!! This morning I finally had some time to decorate our Christmas tree and ran to the store quick before I had to be at a baby shower. In the 15 minutes I was gone, I got this photo sent to me from Chris with a text that said, “well this just happened”:

At first I thought he was referring to Kensie crying; but if you look closer, that empty corner was where the tree used to be…

RIP, my favorite Starbucks ornament from NYC.

I walked in a few minutes later to the sound of the vacuum, Kensie in her mamaroo, and Chris trying to fix the tree. I thought he was vacuuming until I realized he was using it as Kensie’s sound machine. 

While it’s on she sleeps. Every time we shut it off she’d wake up. Haha!!

Chris was on daddy duty while I went to a friend’s baby shower. He brought K over to watch football at a her Uncle Rob and Aunt Char’s house and unfortunately she had a huge screaming meltdown while they were there. The good news? Daddy finally got her to settle down!

Showering gorgeous momma, Annie and baby Addison!

The calm before the storm…and still in her PJs.

Once that was over Kensie had a good rest of the evening. 

Queen Babysitter, Sam Sam!

We left around 7:30 because Kensie was fighting off sleep hard and it was starting to make her really fussy. Aside from the craziness of being out of town, we are trying to get her into a nighttime routine. Last night she ate, got her bath, and then we rocked her to sleep without a single cry the whole time! I tried to lay her in her crib and she immediately woke up. Daddy rocked her back to sleep and got her to sleep in her crib no problem – and she wasn’t even swaddled (she’s never slept in there without her swaddle).  He definitely won the Kensie battles today! 

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