Day 45

I didn’t get many Kensie photos today because we spent most of the day driving. We went up to the St. Augustine outlets and met my mom to pick her up from her first overnight stay! 

While on the way, my little brother sent me a snap chat of her and I didn’t recognize the outfit Kensie was wearing. He had picked out a new one for her and they made sure to get her a matching bow as well. Haha! 

I hope I don’t jinx us, but the Mylicon really seems to be working.She still gets fussy throughout the day and has little fits when she has a gas bubble but we haven’t had a screaming outburst since Thursday morning! Woohoo!!!

To top it off, she slept from 11-5:30a, ate for 10 minutes and went back to sleep until 8:30! Thanks for letting me get lots of rest, little boo!!

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