Day 56: K is 8 weeks old! 

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I was at the doctor today and the lady across from me had a 2 week old and I can’t believe Kensie was that small just a few weeks ago. She is getting such a little personality and it is so much fun to watch!

Oh hey there, cutie!

Well, of course the night after I post that she hasn’t been having nightly meltdowns K loses. her. shit. (Sorry for the language, but it’s what happened.)  

She had a meltdown this afternoon before I left to go coach and again when we got home for the evening. 

Poor little nugget

I took that photo to send to Chris because I said she was being clingy today and he said “clingy but not crying?” Ha…

Kensie was really good at the gym but she wanted to be held the whole time. Chris was awesome and wore her so I could workout after I coached. She went right to sleep with her daddy!

That baby looks mighty good on you, boo!

I think I’ve confirmed I need to not eat dairy. She seems to be ok with really small amounts, but I had queso last night without even thinking about it.  Complete mom fail.  (Taco Tuesday, heyyyy!) Kensie is usually good at burping during feedings and she rarely spits up. Today she vomited 3 times. 😦 

As she was trying to eat tonight I could hear her stomach rumbling and she’d burst out in tears. I gave her a bath and let her sit in the warm water for a while to calm down. She finally took a large poop (yep, that’s life, folks. Also it was in her diaper, not the bath – just to clarify) and I heated up some frozen milk for her instead. 

She took her bottle and put herself to sleep in her crib for the 2nd night in a row! Woohoo!

All the screaming today led to an evening of 3 episodes of Parenthood and a bottle of red for mom and dad. 

Awful photo, but you get it.

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