Day 26: Schedule?

Kensie and I had a very busy day! We ran lots of errands and were out most of the day and Kensie was a trooper. 

Love outings with this munchkin!

On Mondays Chris works and then has to go coach, so we met him for lunch since he wouldn’t be home until late.

We love lunch dates with daddy

When we were almost done with our errands, K was starting to get hungry and the car stopped for too long so she got mad…and when she gets mad she flails her arms and kicks her legs. Sometimes that results in her finger catching her bow and pulling it down her face. 

FYI: I took this at a red light and I moved her bow off her eyes – I just had to capture the moment first. πŸ˜‚

Lately we’ve started to get into a routine and tonight I found the importance of not throwing it off! We had to run out a little later than usual so it threw off her eating and bedtime routine. So, as I write this, it’s almost 11pm, I’m just now eating dinner and Kensie is half sleeping…good thing she doesn’t have to work tomorrow! #NewbornLife

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