Day 27: Empty Calories

I think everyone asking about Kensie’s sleeping habits jinxed us last night…she went to bed at 11. Was up 1:30-2:30 and then again 4:45-5:30….she usually sleeps 4-5 hour stretches so that was a not so fun change up. BUT, she napped all morning and I was very thankful for that since I had to find new healthcare for us which is a stressful, expensive disaster.

We took a TV break and finished Season 1 of Parenthood. 😉

When Kensie doesn’t have gas, she’s a very happy baby! She’s starting to smile and react more when I tickle her and it is adorable! 

This child always has her tongue out.

Speaking of gas, during “No Sugar November” I’ve really noticed how much my diet effects her. Sounds like common sense, but I’m not just talking about making her gassy/spit-up. 

I was worried at first when she’d only eat for about 10 minutes when everything I read and was told said babies should eat 20-30 minutes. The doctor said she was growing perfectly and she was filling out well so I figured maybe she’s just a quick eater. 

I’ve realized when I am hydrated and eat nutrient dense calories that she is way more satisfied after eating and she eats shorter and less often! She also rarely spits-up (but she belches like her daddy). When I’m lacking in calories, or if I consume empty calories, she eats longer and more often. It’s seriously amazing what our bodies are capable of! 

Garlic Chicken, Peppers and Mushrooms
Paleo Chicken Nuggets and Coleslaw

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