Day 25: Tummy Time!

Chris had to work again this morning so Kensie and I got some extra snuggles and I discovered the show “Parenthood”. We were going to run some errands…but I may or may not have binge watched Season 1 all morning. 

Sweet morning snuggles

We also had our first tummy time today! The doctor said to start this at 4 weeks, but Kensie is a strong little nugget and loves holding her head up when I burp her, so we went for it. She’ll be doing push-ups in no time. 

She wiggled around for a while on her belly, but I think she prefers “laying on her back” time and staring at everything, especially herself! 

She loves mirrors. No clue where she gets that from. πŸ˜‰

Tonight, I gave stinker a bath and then snuggled her in her towel for a little before putting her PJs on. Rookie Mom move – I got peed on for the first time. Straight through her towel, down my stomach, on my shorts and down my leg. 

…good thing she’s so cute!

I’ll leave you all with this little gem because her smiles are my favorite!

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