Day 24: Prayers for Harper

Kensie and I had a pretty uneventful day. Chris had to work, so we hung out, chatted, cleaned the house, changed lots of diapers and washed lots of burp cloths, went for walks and cheered on the Knights! 

We caught a little smile!

In other news, my best friend Casey has been in the hospital with her sweet little girl, Harper, since Thursday morning. She had been vomitting to the point of dehydration. They thought it was a stomach bug – but they’re looking into things further since 3 days later, she still cannot keep anything down. This evening they did an ultrasound and found fluid between her brain and her skull. They aren’t sure what it means yet and are doing an MRI early tomorrow morning to check it out and see if it’s related to her vomitting. Asking for lots of prayers for this sweet girl’s healing – and for her parents as they’re exhausted, overwhelmed and worried about her. 

We love you, Harper! Feel better soon!

Baby besties

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