Day 23: Baby Snuggles

Kensie put herself to sleep for the first time last night! Normally I don’t set her in her crib until she’s completely out. Last night she was still sort of awake and she wiggled and “chatted” some but she went right to sleep! While I was super proud, I realized how quickly she’s growing and changing. 
I’m usually trying to get a million things done any time she’s napping (work, laundry, cooking…anything and everything) but today each time she fell asleep, I decided I’d rather keep holding her than set her down. 

Morning snuggles are the best.

As of today, we have officially had the “spit up disaster” while trying to get out of the house. 

Kensie was chilling in her mamaroo, which she now loves thanks to Chris discovering the “fast” setting, so I got ready and got all of our things together to head out the door. I just had to change K’s diaper and put her clothes on. So, I did. Then I picked her up and she immediately spit up – all over her new, clean, adorable outfit. Super. 

Pretty sure she was farting…

We ran lots of errands today and Kensie helped me pick out some new clothes.  Thank goodness this little girl loves her car seat and stroller! 

Gotta start em young!

Taking the pups on a walk always results in a nap.

K is finally asleep for the night and while I’m exhausted and would love to go lay in bed…I’d rather let her snuggle right here in my lap all night long. 

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