Day 22: Red Cups! 

Kensie made up for her fussiness yesterday by being an angel baby today! We were super busy and left the house for 5 whole hours – which meant I fed her in the car for the first time. Mom win!!!

K likes to nap while she’s supposed to be burping…
Milk drunk. #chuglife

We dropped Lucy off at the groomers, met Chris for lunch, then went shopping until Lucy was done! 

Stinky pup.
Christmas shopping is our favorite!!
2 of my favorite things! 😍

A friend of mine gave me the BEST tip after reading yesterday’s blog about trying to figure out how to save milk! This morning I fed K on one side and pumped the other. Boom! Dilemma resolved!! 

Little boo wore her last newborn diaper today and we moved her up a size. 😢 I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since we brought this sweet girl home. Time needs to slow down! Though I’m sure I’m going to feel that way for the next 18 years…

Officially in a size 1!

Now if anyone has figured out something that keeps a pacifier in a newborns mouth, that’s next on my mission to discover!

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