Day 21: Fussing and Pumping

We got a special gift in the mail today: Kensie’s hospital blanket bunny!

You mail them your hospital blanket and they sew it into a bunny and embroider the baby’s name and birthday!  

The lady that makes them is so responsive and lets you know when she receives the blanket and is sending it back. She’s currently donating the proceeds to help her daughter pay for cancer treatments. She was so sweet and she did an amazing job creating a keepsake for Kensington. 

Now for today in mom life…Kensie was awake and pretty fussy most of the day- which was a big change from her sleeping all day yesterday! I’m also trying to figure out how to pump and still feed her so we can store some milk for when she has a baby sitter. The struggle is real! I feel like the second I can pump she decides she wants to eat again and the cycle doesn’t end so there’s never extra! I’m sure we will figure it out soon. We have 2 bags stored out of our 5 attempts, so I’ll take that as a small victory for now. (The other times I ended up having to feed her what I just pumped.)

Today was one of my best friend’s birthdays and she got Kensie this adorable outfit, so we wore it in honor of the big day! The gold and pink bow that it came with was too big – so we improvised! 

Happy Birthday, Aunt Keelin!

Overall it was a pretty rough day in motherhood. Even the normal car ride wouldn’t settle her down. But then she finally relaxes and snuggles from this peanut make everything better….and it’s really hard to set her down! 

3 weeks today, and she loves being on her belly!

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