Day 16: ergobaby

We got the best gift in the mail yesterday from Kensie’s Great Gramps!

We took the dogs on a walk and then we cleaned the whole house! She loved it. She stared quietly for a while and finally fell asleep. Whoever invented this thing, God Bless you. 

Morning walk with all 3 of the Nuggets!

Kensie loves the sound of the vacuum…she’s definitely mine. #OCD

This afternoon we had to take Aunt Shell to pick her car up, so we had a girls date beforehand!

Lunch date at Zoe’s Kitchen! 👯👶🏻
Challenge approved! #NoSugarNovember

Kensie even hung out in her mamaroo this morning while I ate without crying! Also, she slept 8 hours last night and is back to napping today so I am one thankful momma! (knock on wood…) 

Oh hey there, snuggle bug!

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