Day 17: Grandma’s Here!

Daddy is out of town for the weekend so Grandma came down to help take care of Kensie!

We went for a morning walk with the dogs and then to the Craft Fair in Avalon.

Craft Fair with Grandma!

Of course we got new BOWS! 🎀

This evening we had Friendsgiving. Everything was #NoSugarNovember approved!

Paleo Thanksgiving for the win!!! 🙌🏼

We even had sugar free dessert!

Kensie was so good all evening. Miss alert stayed awake so she could look around and not miss anything…and she shared lots of snuggles! 

Thanks for all the yummy food Aunt Ashley!

Football with Uncle Will!

First Annual Friendsgiving! 🦃 Missing Chris and Char!

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