Day 220-223: Go. To. SLEEP!

They talk about sleep regressions during the first year. 4 months. 7 months. (I made those exact ages up, but you get the jist, they’re a thing).

Is there one for 3 years and 2 months old?! Because LORTTTT I cannot take one more night of this child’s nighttime antics and drama.

K has had no problem sleeping in her own room in her big girl bed since we moved into our house in May. She does go through phases (more often than not) where she wakes up in the middle of the night…usually around 2a, and crawls into our bed.

I know she’ll grow out of that all too soon and for now, I’m completely ok with the few hours she comes and sleeps next to us.

But PUTTING her to bed?! I don’t know what happened. It used to be a simple read a story, say prayers, she lays down and we’re done with it.

It slowly progressed into a 10-15 min process of her “needing to pee” or “needing water” or “tuck me in”.

That transformed into “come snuggle with me” which quickly escalated to nights of 1+ hours of her crying, yelling and screaming. 😩

First night in a week without tears πŸ™„

It starts with ridiculous excuses then escalates to wanting me or daddy to come lay with her until she falls asleep. I wouldn’t mind if that was a 5 minute ordeal; but, if you lay in K’s bed with her she thinks it’s party time and getting her to hush and close her eyes is near impossible. She starts talking, asking 82994 questions, asking to read more books…it doesn’t end.

Here’s where I feel bad: she’s been saying she’s scared and full on sobbing.

I know she can work it with the best of them, but if she really is scared, I would feel so bad ignoring her and just letting her cry herself to sleep. On the flip side, I don’t want to get her into the habit of us sleeping in her bed every night…

The last 2 nights after about an hour of drama she asked for her light to be on. We turned it on and she went to sleep.

Do kids just randomly become scared of the dark one day?! I feel like it’s a legitimate fear because I, too, have been there; πŸ˜‚ I just don’t know where it’s all coming from.

Is this an age thing? Someone please tell me we’re normal and this will pass…sooner rather than later! 😩

A friend of mine suggested “monster spray” which we tried last night. It was a temporary fix, but she moved past it to still wanting one of us to lay with her.

Today she told me about a great idea to use passes. Her daughter would keep saying she had to potty, so they gave her “potty passes” and once she used them all she couldn’t get up and had to go to bed. She suggested giving her passes to call us in there. Once they’re gone she has to go to sleep.

Part of me is hopeful, the other part of me knows Kensie basically tosses any rules/games/tricks out the window when she’s determined enough. 🀣

If anyone has any other tips, tricks, or ways for my kid to go back to just GOING TO BED without losing her mind over it every night, please share!!

In other news, we had a busy but wonderful weekend with dear friends and family! We took a little road trip up to Jacksonville to celebrate Niall’s 2nd birthday!

From fishbowls to 3.5 kids. When did this happen, Keelin?! Lol
Aunt Awesome.

Kensie was the SWEETEST girl that day. She played so nicely with the other kids, shared, used her manners, and even displayed the most patience EVER while watching Niall open his presents.

Of course Elle was an angel babe, too.

The next day was another mini road trip to celebrate Chris’ Grandma’s 90th birthday!

Oldest and youngest! ❀️

L loves her Uncle Matt!

Leighton’s outfit is a KB hand me down but all of it is from Old Navy! After spending way too much money for some torn jeans on Etsy, I bought some old navy jeggings, found a handy YouTube tutorial, whipped out a blade and cut them myself. πŸ‘πŸΌ

As you can see in this post, I took way more photos of L than K this weekend. K was busy running around with her cousins and telling me no if I asked for a picture. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

…back when she let me take 82839 photos a day…

Leighton has been a happy clappin‘, waving, babbling, drooling little hunk of love as always. We are so gratefully soaking in these pre-talking/no attitude days. πŸ˜†

I know K won’t need us next to her to fall asleep forever, but I really hope these girls don’t grow out of wanting these morning snuggles any year soon!!

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