Day 123-132: Elle is 4 Months!

A little late on this chunkaroo’s 4 month post, but better late than never?

Going to start this one off like every other mom in the world would…with the solid line of “where does the time go? I can’t believe this little one is already 4 months old!”

Elle is weighing in one ounce less than her big sis did at this age, but 1.4 inches longer! I could tell by the onesies she hasn’t worn yet that already don’t fit her long torso. πŸ˜’

She’s teething like crazy and her doctor said her gum was swollen and it looks like another is about to pop through!

Leighton is a little Rollie pollie and can roll from her back to her tummy already! She loves her playmat, making squeaky noises, chewing her fingers, smiling and giving big, wet, opened mouth “kisses”.

Most of all, she loves her some KB!!!

β€œmommy I scare sister! RAWR!” πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

First piggy back ride πŸ˜‚

She can almost sit up and she’s mastered putting her binky in her mouth all on her own! Elle is super content and has officially outgrown screaming in the car. πŸ˜…

While the sound of her screaming is few and far between, if she does cry she won’t stop until she gets what she wants…which is usually milk.

And we still visit the Chiro ever other week!

Working on her selfie game πŸ˜†

Kensie aka Elsa is still a hilarious mess…she’s obsessed with make up and Elsa and her energy is enough to wear everyone around her out. πŸ€ͺ

β€œMommy look I’m workin out!”

We finally turned her car seat around and apparently it’s her new favorite place to nap.

Every single day K tells us (and everyone) that it’s her birthday and that Elsa and Anna are her best friends and they’re coming over to play with her. πŸ™„ They ARE coming to her party, but we never told her that. Since she “met” them at a friend’s party, she’s been convinced of all of this ever since. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I’m hoping she chills out once her real birthday is over because if I have to deal with one more meltdown over her wearing the same damn Tutu 4 days in a row, I might lose my mind. 🀣

There’s a reason God makes them so dang cute!!! ❀️

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