Day 14-15: we get to SLEEP!

It was a monumental day in this Hall baby’s life.

You’re gonna be so pissed when I finally show you this blog, Leighton. 😂

L had her first blowout. 🤣

If you followed our blog with K, you know she set a record that will be hard to top; but it seems Leighton is getting an early start. Lucky me!

Yesterday was our 2 week check up and this lil’ chunk not only achieved the goal of being back at her birth weight but almost a whole pound over!!! Why should you care? You shouldn’t…but I’m pumped because it means I can let her sleep through the night and don’t have to wake her to feed her. 👏🏼👏🏼

Thanks for drinking alllll the milk, Leighton!!

We also had another visit to the Chiro and for those worried or picturing a doctor cracking her back (that is not what they do, FYI 😆), it’s actually so gentle that she slept through the whole thing!

Today we celebrated Taco Tuesday at Titi And BahBah’s house and L was the life of the party.

I’ll give you one guess on who put the babydoll there…
Yep, you guessed it (I hope…) but at least she loves sharing with her sister!

While the last 2 photos may seem peaceful, this kiddo was actually awake a good part of the day today! Luckily as long as she’s not gassy or hungry, she’s very content just looking around.

Best lil’ snugg bug

We’re still working on L’s less than thrilled facial expressions, but nothing beats Kensie’s genuine smile every time she gets to hold “baby sister”.

These morning photos are quickly becoming my favorite because there’s nothing better to wake up to than this sweetness!!

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