Days 11-13

Coming up on 2 weeks young and there’s not much to report in L’s world. She loves to sleep, snuggle, sleep, eat, sleep, poop…and sleep. She’s seriously an angel baby (knock on wood) and making this transition from 1 nugget to 2 feel like it was a great idea…so far, anyway. πŸ˜† I heard this is how they trick you into 3.

But how could you not want another one of these?!

I think I was wrong about K not being jealous, though. We noticed every time I feed Leighton is when Kensie starts to act up. She’ll come up to me and grab Leighton’s burp cloth and pacifier and either toss it on the ground or “hide” it behind her back.

When we reacted to it, it quickly escalated to a full blown temper tantrum. We tried just ignoring it when she does it and it seems to have gotten better as the weekend has gone on. She only had a slight attitude during L’s first feeding this morning and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. πŸ˜…

She sure does love her, though.
K is obsessed with holding her little sister!
L is not as obsessed πŸ˜‚

As of this weekend, Kensie has added the phrase “but, whyyy?” to her vocabulary. So, that’s super fun. πŸ™„ But, on the up side – she’s been doing AMAZING with potty training!!! They’ve been training her at daycare and now at home she keeps asking to wear panties and is so great about telling us and going on the potty!! We’ve only had one accident so far! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Leighton got to meet her Uncle Matt, Aunt Valerie and her cousins today! I’d say she approves!

Uncle Matt is the baby whisperer

She wasn’t terrified though her facial expression looks questionable 🀣

We are loving watching these little girls grow together and getting used to being a family of 4! While L makes some extremely expressive faces, she enjoys her lovin’ from Kens a little more than the photos let on 😜

For those of you that don’t have kids or watch Daniel Tiger, “ugga mugga” is what the dad and son say to each other when they hug. πŸ€—

To wrap this all up, I want to give a special shout out to our rock behind the scenes. Chris is the best daddy and such a natural at having 2 kiddos and a Jenn to balance. πŸ˜‚ He takes care of all 3 of us girls in every single way – including being my daily barista (y’all KNOW that’s the way to my heart β˜•οΈ) – and we are so lucky to have him. πŸ₯°

Happy Father’s Day to our very own Superman (according to K, but I don’t disagree).

One thought on “Days 11-13

  1. Rachel

    My hearts bursts a little more with each post! ❀️❀️ And thanks for the ugga mugga explanation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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