Day 412-413: Christmas Cookies

Kensie had such a fun weekend full of late nights, Christmas cookies, dinosaur screams, milk chugging, snuggle giving, growing out her baby mullet (Seriously, I think her hair grew a solid inch this weekend…only in the back), and hamming it up for the camera.

The snuggle is real  😜Huge hugs for Titi!!

Saturday morning I dropped KB off at Aunt Casey’s and she played with Harper and Riley while Chris and I got some work done at the gym.

Aunt Casey’s is her favorite place. Baby paradise!

In the afternoon, we celebrated her cousin Lillie’s birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday, Lillie!

K had so much fun trying to hang with the “big kids”. She liked the karaoke machine, remotes and bags the best.

Bag Lady back in action

If you have a little one, this Insignia high chair is AMAZING. It’s small, light weight and attaches to tabletops! Such a huge help when we K is at another house so we don’t have to sit her on our laps and try to feed her.

Working on her product modeling

As if she didn’t already have a full day of partying, we went over to Aunt Ashley and Uncle Will’s for dinner and Christmas cookie decorating!

How appetizing? 😳

K quickly discovered her love for frosting. She went from licking the frosting “knife”, to sticking her fingers in it and licking those, to taking the stirring spoon out of the bowl and getting a solid mouthful of sugar.

Notice the frosting mouth. 
She’s definitely mine. 

It was a complete mess and so much fun!

Her late night unfortunately didn’t make for a late morning wake up on Sunday. It did make for a 3 hour nap, though!

Post nap, we brunched! (And can we take a second to acknowledge the GORGEOUS weekend weather?!)

Brunch involved a few sidewalk strolls and walks by the “lake” across from the restaurant.

Twinning with Titi!
Loves strollin’

And to close out the weekend, we discovered Kensie’s love of “fetch”. Uncle BahBah had to have done this at least 20 times, and to KB, each time was equally as funny as the last.

Those. Giggles!!! 😍

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