Day 411

I’m pretty sure KB is hitting a growth spurt…and for those of you that have seen her in person and how chunky her feet are, I think those grew too. The only thing that actually fits in a size 12m sleeper are her feet. 😂

She spent the day chugging her bottle, handing it to me and signing “more”, pointing at her high chair and taking long naps.

She does not love my morning photos. 

And climbing. Still climbing.

I found the most amazing contraption at Hobby Lobby today and had to share it with you guys. I’m not sure what it’s actually for, but the second I saw it it screamed “BOWS!” 😂

Could even put the lamp in the middle! (But really…what is this thing supposed to be for? Anyone?)

Also, I have a photo from today to prove that I do change her out of her PJs.

Why play in the playroom when you can bring the toys into the hall in front of the door?🤔

Anyways, as I was getting this blog written KB woke up and was crying a little more than usual. She’s been sleeping completely through the night for a few weeks now. Sometimes she’ll wake up for a second and fuss, but tonight was a little more dramatic (and I was reading this article about the benefits of co-sleeping so I just wanted to go get her 😂). I picked her up and she pointed to the door, then she asked to eat.

So now, she’s laying in bed with me. Chugging a bottle and watching a Netflix Christmas Movie at 11:30pm. I think she likes it, too.

But still doesn’t like my photos 

Just add this to my Mom of the Year application. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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