Day 407-408

It’s been a crazy few days in toddler land over here. As I write this I’m exhausted, have a headache from Kensie’s screaming and have a little mom guilt going on.

Mid dance moves

I kicked off Monday morning with a bang…by forgetting that I left my keys in the middle console when Chris drove and locked the car. I was so proud of us (almost) leaving the house on time until I realized we wouldn’t actually be going anywhere.

Luckily, Michelle’s car is at our house (she’s deployed) and Kensie’s infant seat was in the garage. I’m thankful for Kensie being a tiny little nugget that still fit in it!

Rocking the Christmas jammies
She missed Aunt Emmy! All the snuggles  

After the gym we headed to the Chiropractor to try to help K kick this cold. (Studies show an adjustment in babies improves their immune system by 50%. We went last time she got a cold and it was gone 2 days later!) The office is conveniently next to the mall, so we met up with some friends and decided to give Santa another go.

Orlando Mom friends – Altamonte Mall has an AWESOME Santa. They’re patient, friendly, less expensive and WAY less busy than Millenia. I think their photo background is better too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Was all about the non-Santa photos 

KB loves the camera, but she surely doesn’t love Santa. 😂

Hard pass on the creepy bearded man  
We did get her to at least not scream  😂

And that brings us to today. The day that Kensie discovered temper tantrums. 😫 She’s had the yelling/screaming down for a while but she upgraded to piercing screams and figured out how to turn on the tears for the full effect.

I figured you all wanted to experience it so here you go:

I know some of you are probably thinking “oh my gosh that’s so mean you just recorded her. Poor Kensie.” …no.

I told her “no” that she couldn’t SLAM things into my laptop. I moved the computer where she couldn’t get to it. This is the reason for the meltdown. I ignored her because I’m not going to reinforce the behavior. She was fine. This was her a few second later. (Literally 10-20 seconds after the first video).

Oye. K continued to test the waters the rest of the day. When we got to the gym she took a break from the drama and was giving out hugs left and right.

Kensie just wanted me to put her down. She reached for Carolyn and gave her smiles and hugs. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Then she taught her how to ride the bike 

We got back home and after her bath, Kensie turned the drama back on. The screaming in my face as I tried to put her diaper and PJs on was the last bit of noise my head could handle for the day. My calm, patient mom voice was off and my “you’re really pissing me off”, stern, louder mom voice was on.

After she stopped and went back to not acting like a brat, I admittedly felt a little bad for getting frustrated. Even typing this now, I know that sounds stupid and it’s completely normal. I have no doubt every other mom on the planet has been there, done that and knows exactly what I’m talking about. I also know it isn’t the last time for this as we enter dramahood (aka toddlerhood).

Since I don’t want to end her post on that note, I’ll end it on this one. Her photo shoot at the gym tonight as I told her to say “cheese”. I really wish Live Photo’s worked on here so you could see the full evolution of K going to full ham mode.

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