Day 406

Kensie still has a super runny nose, but other than that seems completely okay. She woke up screaming right after I posted her blog last night. She was having a hard time sleeping since she couldn’t breathe through her nose. Poor babe, lucky mama. We haven’t co slept in months and I missed this babes snuggles. Well, sorta.

Kensie was ALL about her mama last night. If I rolled 2 inches away, she knew. In (what I thought was) a dead sleep, she’d fuss, roll to me, hug my neck and go back to sleep.

A few hours later it turned into her legs on my face. Then her entire body, sideways across me. Then her back on top of my face. 😂 Long story long, I moved her back to her crib so I could attempt to get a few hours of sleep.

K was pretty sleepy all morning since she didn’t sleep great last night. I had to coach a morning class so KB got to rock her Christmas jammies at the gym. She kept wanting to be held and hugging my legs because she was sleepy, but she was in good spirits!

Markers. What a phenomenol toy. 

Post nap she was a crank butt. I couldn’t figure out what she wanted. I got her a bottle and turned on Baby Einstein’s in her playroom because while she was over napping, but she didn’t seem quite ready to play. Low and behold, the puppets actually cheered this babe right up.

She was crying because she wanted to slam the mouse on the laptop. 😖
Oh  THERE’S the smiles! 

Kensie did an impressive job of mimicking the sign language (even mama!!!! I’ll take it.) Then the cars came on and before they even said it, Kensie starts going “err vroom vroom err vroom”. 😳 I was shocked. This little lady always blows my mind with the things she knows.

She refused her second nap again today, but at least she was in good spirits.

She’s not phased by the snot running down her face.  

Tonight KB got some Daddy time in and I think they were both pretty happy about it!

She’s already woken up a few times in the 2 short hours she’s been in bed, but we’ve only had minor fussing. Really hoping this babe figures out how to breathe through her mouth better so she can get some sleep tonight!

In other news, as promised on my Instagram story…my Instapot review. Heard of these things?

I really wanted a chicken and mushroom type dish tonight. Just sounded good – and no I’m not pregnant. 🙄 It came with a recipe book but it was for individual things so I did what anyone would do, and googled one. I found an awesome recipe – and it was extra awesome because it explained how to actually USE the pot. You can get it here!

The food was simple and delicious. My only complaint is that it was most definitely not “instant”. It sautéed the onions for me which was pretty cool. Then I tossed everything in for what was a “26 minute meal”. As she explains in the recipe directions, this isn’t actually the case. It took 20 minutes for the pressure to build up. 26 to cook. Then 3 more to release the pressure. That’s a 50 minute meal. Again, it was delicious – but I could have baked the chicken, cooked the rice and simmered the veggies and gravy in less time.

Okay it looks like mush, but I promise it was good! 

Of course this was the first time I used it and I’m sure it has other perks. I did love that everything was cleaned up and all I had to do after dinner was wash one pot. If anyone has good tips or recipes, send them my way!!!

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