Day 392

Guess who slept through the night last night??? Me AND KB!!!

The face of a well rested babe. Look at her struttin’ it.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows this morning, though. I thought we were in the clear on breastfeeding…I thought wrong. I’ve discovered that’s why K has been so fussy in the mornings. Today she fought it HARD. She kept trying to get me to feed her and y’all, it was hard. Thankfully I can’t even physically nurse her anymore since my supply stopped or I might have given in. She was breaking my heart. K went as far as seeing the corner of the nursing cover in the hamper, pulling it out, and handing it to me….followed by screaming when I put it back down. I was extremely impressed with her communication skills, though.

Luckily I had to coach this morning so leaving for the gym distracted her.

She kept going to the wall and sitting on those mats. She also practiced some headstands in between.

Speaking of her communication skills, they were on POINT today. Literally.

After one of the classes Kensie got one of the girls’ attention. She was holding a marker and Lindsay was standing by the cup of markers. K started shaking hers and pointing. She did that a few times and Lindsay didn’t hand her another one. Kensie tossed her marker on the ground and reached for her to go “up”. (Of course she obliged. How do you tell that face and those little hands reaching up “no”?) Once she was up she pointed at the cup again. Lindsay bent over and let her grab one. K pointed again and grabbed one for her other hand. Then she shook her hands “all done” and turned around to be put down. 😳😂 I was partially in shock at how freaking smart she is and partially laughing at how she straight up used Lindsay to get what she wanted. She tried to work Sydni next for her Yeti but knowing good and well she’d slobber all over that sucker, she didn’t give in.

She even freed a marker from one hand so she could steal the cup with it  😂🤷🏼‍♀️


t of the begging and she didn’t try to nurse the rest of the day.  However, she also wouldn’t finish a single bottle. Breastmilk or whole milk – she wasn’t interested. K would sip on them here and there but her usual chugging was out of the question. She DID actually eat real food today so I will take that victory!!!

She’s not about that baby food life. Hamburger for the win!


ment_3985″ align=”alignnone” width=”3024″]5F9BD830-579D-4B0A-AD09-EC1E3F114184 Hi I’m Kensie and I waste milk  🙄[/caption]


ws of our night (I mean it’s great news to me, y’all probably won’t care…) is that Kensie started liking her bath again tonight! PHEW. She has ALWAYS loved bathtime. I’m talking since day one. The nurse that gave her her first bath at the hospital said she’s the only baby she’s ever bathed that didn’t cry during it. Ever since the time change, Kens has been so fussy to get in the bath, won’t sit down, and wants to get right back out. At first I thought it was just because she was tired; however, it’s continued so I wasn’t sure what to think. I was relieved when she sat, SMILED and played tonight!52AFF193-1BC5-47B4-848F-AF5705B0F718 I’m hoping for another solid night of sleep and another day of amazing naps because it’s FRIYAY! (I’m also hoping WordPress gets their shit together and fixes the app so my videos will post correctly.🙄)

And tonight, we will leave you with this video of Andrew turning Kensie into a human drone while I coached this evening.

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