Day 323

Kensie said her first “sentence” today (she said “Hi, dah!” – dah is dog and that’s what she calls our lab, Jack), and started using “hi” and “bye” in the right context! All that screaming must have fused some nuerons together or something. 😜


As you can see, our morning was full of drama. If you saw our Instagram story today, you basically got to listen to KB scream and whine. 

I went to workout early when Kens first got up. She’s usually happy for at least 30 minutes playing in Baby jail alone when we first get to the gym. Today she wasn’t having a minute of it. She just wanted mama! That was pretty much the tone of our morning and it led to another day of screaming instead of sleeping and therefore, skipping naps. 

Judging by the random runny nose, funny tongue movements, refusal to sleep, clingy/whinyness – I’m pretty sure homegirl is about to cut some teeth! As I figured that out, I also put her Amber necklace back on. She hadn’t been wearing it since she didn’t seem to be teething. Big mistake. 

Since Kensie wasn’t having it anyways and we will be locked inside Sunday-Monday, I figured we’d go run some errands to get out of the house. 

That was exactly what KB needed!

As you can see, Kensie was thrilled with the new scenery and hammed it up allllll the way through target. Normally when people say hi she stares at them. I can’t usually get her to say “hi”/wave on cue. Today it clicked. Throughout our errands she got easily 20 “omg she’s sooooo cute! Hiiiiiii babyyyyy!!!!!!!!” and each time, she’d at least wave back!!! A lot of them also got a “hhhhiiiiiiieeeeee” with it! 

As the day went by she started waving to anyone and everyone walking by. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Kensie also decided that the cart seats face the wrong way. Once I got her to sit back down, she turned herself around and sat like this though the whole store. 

Such a goof. I promise I was a good mom and made her sit in the right part of the cart while I shopped, but as we stood in lines she kept trying to get out of the seat so we relocated. 

That’s not sweat, it’s rain.

Just waving at anyone that will pay attention…

As long as she wasn’t whining, I was happy with it. 

I had to hold her pretty much the entire time I coached this afternoon. At one point I set her down to give my arms a break and I caught these super cute photos of her “helping” Fabian unload his bar. 

That. Hair. πŸ˜‚
His faces always make K happy!

I got K to bed late and I think that, combined with the lack of naps, is what I have to thank for an easy start to bedtime tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll be sure to put that necklace on AS SOON as she wakes up in hopes we don’t have Day 3 of a grump butt! 

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