Day 322

Kensie took a page out of Irma’s book today and turned into a Cat 5 with no chill. 

Just let it happen KB. You’re. So. Tired!!!

I guess all that sleeping she’s been doing finally caught up with her so she went in for a celebrity shot on team no sleep today. 

I coached this morning so we got to the gym right around when her morning nap should have been. I had a lot of work to do but KB wasn’t having it…so she helped. 

Just stocking the gym. Train em young.

Best “helper” πŸ˜‰

While I coached, she was only happy if she was being held, or crawling places she shouldn’t be going. 

I got a short nap out of her in the car on the way to get some plywood and then we went to Aunt Casey’s to help them board up!

Hall’s Hurricane Service & Olszowy’s Daycare

I thought when we got home, K would just take a really long afternoon nap. I was so wrong. She was so overtired that she screamed bloody murder if I put her in her crib. Full on screaming, coughing, red splotchy face DRAMA. I went in to calm her down. Once she did, she’d rub her eyes and relax. We gave it another go…nope. More category 5 drama. The back and forth went on for over an hour. I finally said screw it and put her in the playroom. By some stroke of magic she was pretty content in there, even when I left the room. 

We headed back to the gym and I thought she would for sure fall asleep on the way there.  Basically, I was wrong all day. 

Just let me sit on the shelf and play with the cords and I’ll be happy, momma!

Aunt Emmy stopped by with a present for KB (because…spoiled) and she’s super pumped to rock her bee UCF bow and kicks!!! Well, if her chunk feet fit. πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Distraction from whining…temporary but I’ll take it!

Kensington capped the day off with fighting bedtime since she was so overtired. After 30 minutes of off and on fussing (at least she took it down to a cat 2 for bedtime) she finally laid down and stopped. 30 minutes after that I see her arms moving up and down. πŸ™„ How she stayed awake another hour is beyond me but at least she gave up on the vocals. 

In between parenting we got lots of hurricane prep done today. Chris did the hard part… I just ran some errands, attempted to stay awake and tried not to lose my mind with Ms. FussButt. We’ve got water, a generator (frozen breastmilk=priorities), boarded up windows, gas, food, games and booze. Looks like K is going to get a quick introduction into what being a “native Floridian” is all about this weekend! 

Hoping Kensie wakes up in a much better mood tomorrow and remembers how to NAP! 

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