Day 302

Other than a 5:30am wake up, today was a good day in the life of KB! (Well, I guess I was the only one not a fan of the early wake up call). 

She’s doing a close up on her mirror πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Kens got to hang with 2 of her friends today and I think she had her first stroke of jealousy. 

My workout for the day.

This is Mr. Levi Lacich!! I wasn’t allowed to just hold Levi. When K woke up from her nap she was not impressed that I was holding another baby. When I let her down to crawl she stopped, looked up at me, and fake cried until I picked her back up. 

She warmed up to him after a few minutes and then wouldn’t leave him alone. 

Gaby, I found a babysitter for you!

We had a special girls lunch today with Aunt Ashley before Henley makes her debut any day now! Kensie ate the turkey off my sandwich which made me one happy mama. She looked like such a “big girl” at lunch but she’s so much fun at this stage! (Especially when she makes my life easy and actually eats ;))

We stopped by Doug and Ashley’s on the way home tonight to see the new parents and meet the newest addition to the tribe!

Kensie just tried to get down the whole time.
And this is why she’s going to continue being an only child for a few more years. πŸ˜‚

Baby Addison is beautiful and we’re so excited to watch her grow! K was a great shopping buddy as always as I ran errands today and helped pick out a gift for Addison. 


Seeing a 4 day old and 3 month old today made me miss how much K used to sleep. We’ve got a big weekend ahead so I’m hoping she listened when I told her she’s not allowed to wake up before 8am tomorrow. 😝

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