Day 266

On a positive note, Kensie went down tonight for the 4th night in a row without a peep or tear! She’s been a champion at putting herself to sleep. Now staying asleep? Woof. We had the ultimate fail last night. 

If you watched my Instagram story I gave the “long story short” version and you got to hear Kensie fuss all morning. I just figured I’d spread the joy. 

Chris and I went to bed with a solid plan last night. I did a dream feed at 10p and when Kensie woke up for the next feeding, we were going to let her fuss for a while in hopes she’d comfort herself and go back to sleep. I knew I wouldn’t be able to listen to her cry for long so I planned to go in the kitchen and pump to avoid the temptation of going in her room. 

I was so prepared…

I think my anxiety was a little high (don’t judge me) because I couldn’t pump anything. I gave that up and laid back down. After about 30 minutes it was breaking my heart. 

I went in, gave her her pacifier and rubbed her back. She went back to sleep. I got in bed and started to doze off. 8 minutes later – screaming. I waited a few minutes and went back in. This time she was sitting up and threw her pacifier when I tried to give it to her. I picked her up and she dove down for the boob. I put her on my shoulder and tried to rock her back to sleep. Worked. Put her down. 

More screaming. Next shift, Chris went in so she couldn’t smell the milk. After a few minutes he got her to settle down. Once he got her to lay back down, she screamed again. At this point I completely gave in and decided to just feed her so we could all get some sleep. 

The worst part was she’d woken herself up so much that once she ate she wanted to play. She sat in our bed clapping and saying “dada” and smacking Chris’ arm. πŸ˜‚ (It was just as funny last night as it is today). 

Since she was up, I put her back in her crib. She played for a while then of course as I started to fall back asleep the crying started back up. I brought her back in our bed and finally got her to lay down and go back to sleep. 

Basically, Kensie won. Big time. 

After her lack of sleep Kens was a real gem this morning. (That’s sarcasm). Her 2-3-4 schedule went out the window as she kept fussing and rubbing her eyes and fighting her nap. 

We had a quick heart to heart. 

Of course she finally fell asleep 15 minutes before we had to leave for swimming. 

Kens morning crankiness turned to excitement when we got to the pool and she had another great lesson with Mrs. Heidi!

Crying and floating. Great multitasker.

When we got home we had another victory in the midst of our dramatic overtired day. Kensie ate all of her lunch!!!

She actually swallowed it, too!! Look at that clean face!!

After lunch I still tried to stick to the 3 hour window for her afternoon nap. She fought it a little more than usual, but I got 2 back-to-back naps out of her before we went to the gym!!

And sitting in he bookshelf is her new favorite spot.

We’re working on getting Kensie to eat more solid foods to see if that helps and a friend shared the Sleep Sense book with me to read. For now, I don’t really mind the quick feedings. The 5 minutes of quiet sure beats the 2 hours of crying. I get that after a few nights the crying might solve the issue long term, but I guess I’m just not quite ready for it! Until we find a solution that we’re all comfortable with, I’ll just cherish the extra few minutes I get with my little KB while she still needs me. 

Looking forward to a night with much more sleep…K feedings included! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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