Day 265

It was a busy busy day for KB! This morning her grandma, B, and her cousins came over to play! 

So much going on. KB wasn’t sure what to do with herself at first!
I think Kensie won
Ready to show off at her swim lessons!

Day 2 of swim lessons were amazing! Kensie actually cried today (which is a good thing because “a crying baby is a breathing baby”) and Mrs. Heidi already taught her how to inhale before going under water AND got her to blink and exhale each time she came up! I look forward to her lessons each day mainly because I’m fascinated by it. 

Mama let me go swim!!!
This little girl is pulling herself up more and more each day. Rut roh.

All the playing and learning wore this sweet thing OUT!

She was out in less than 30 seconds.

This afternoon KB had so much fun at the gym!! I already posted this video today but I’m putting it here as well because I’m obsessed with it. 

I can’t get over her clapping at the end. πŸ˜‚ Then I used Kens for part of my workout today because “KB push presses” were programmed. 

I’m so punny. 😜

Today was day 2 of trying the 2-3-4 method for naps and she went right down again at 7p without a single sound! A friend of mine has a little boy 2 days older than K and she told me she does it as well and it works great for them! His sleep schedule used to be exactly like hers, too and now she has him sleeping through the night; we have a plan in place to give that a go now. Maybe one we will get her there before she turns 1! (which is way too soon 😭)

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