Day 257

KB spent her Monday in recovery mode!!

And this is how she took her morning nap. No joke.

We had a longggg morning nap and a long afternoon nap to go with it! By we I mean her. Not sure if she was recouping from the busy weekend or from not sleeping through the night. πŸ™„

Kens had a special lunch date with daddy and some friends! She loves to “participate” now. (That means climb all over and try to grab things off the table).  I gave her some bread and she was extremely pleased with her situation. 

Slobber City! (She still doesn’t swallow it…just plays with it in her mouth).

This afternoon Aunt Emmy came to play with Kensie while I coached a few classes! K was happy as could be to have someone watch her play. 

And of course they snap chatted πŸ˜‚

(I couldn’t find K’s gold bow again after lunch so we switched to pink.)

Kensie made a guest appearance at the end of class to run the cool down. 

“Flap the arms guys!”
“And child’s pose”. How appropriate.

One thing is for sure: KB loves being the center of attention. She was ALL smiles as she crawled into the middle and looked at everyone. 

Today was an extra special day because it’s Aunt Shell’s birthday!!! Go figure we got a sweet gift in the mail from her today. 

“Because Your Mommy Does CrossFit” 😍
Happy Birthday, Aunt Shell!!!
Now that we are back home and her schedule was normal, we gave the whole “cry it out” thing another shot tonight. K didn’t even make it to crying! She fussed some and was out in less than 10 minutes. Phew! She cried real tears last night and I couldn’t let her do it. I felt too bad from the long day she had so I picked her up and let her sleep with me instead. Oops. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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