Day 255 & 256

It was competition weekend for mom & dad Kensie was our number one fan! I probably should have posted the days separately but since I didn’t, get ready for a photo overload. 😏

Having a baby to feed in between WODs was quite the experience. We were extremely thankful that Grandpa and Grandma came to cheer us on and help and watch K while we competed! 

Running through the curtains with Grandpa was definitely a highlight of K’s day!

Gramma for the nap win!!!

Kensie had a slight meltdown on Saturday as she fought off a nap and was hungry and flat out wanted her momma. I was in the middle of a workout so thankfully my mom walked her around where I couldn’t see her so I wouldn’t have an anxiety attack! Lol 

When we finished, my mom powers kicked in and I went from trying to breath and recover on all fours to having to hold this babe and feed her. Becoming a mom really improves your recovery time. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

My sweet momma’s girl….don’t worry Kensie I already couldn’t feel my arms. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

Kens was our team mascot so she had to jump in on some photos in between crawling all over the place. 

Team CFEO!

After competing Saturday, we had a gender reveal party to go to for one of my best friends! We were late – but she loves us so she waited before they did the big shebang!

Finally expanding Kensie’s circle with a baby boy!

On Sunday morning we got to watch Coach Murii in her weightlifting competition before we competed. She was the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!

Some lady gave Kens a glow stick while we were waiting on the meet to start. I know it’s not safe blah blah blah…I let her play with it for a little bit then threw it away.

So proud! And Kensie clapped after all her lifts!

Kensie was such a great babe for having to “sit” most of the day when she really just wanted to play, play, play (aka crawl)! I’m pretty sure Gramma and Grandpa are going to sleep well tonight after all the energy they spent keeping K baby entertained and distracted from wanting to get down and explore. 

Fun fact: shaker bottles double as rattles

In between workout snacks with mommy!

Kens didn’t sleep well in her pack and play (up every 1.5 hours Friday night 😡) and just wanted to be in bed with mommy and daddy. I was extra thankful for daddy taking over bath duties and bedtime on Saturday so I could have some time to relax!

I think I got kicked out of the bed…at least they were cozy!

KB finished off the weekend by hanging with her boyfriend, Jake. He shared his Cheerios (her first ever and she loved them), she grabbed his cheek and smooched him as usual and they posed in their Gym onsies. 

CrossFit momma’s with our CrossFit babes!

It was an awesome weekend competing after a year and a half off! Super proud of this crew and thankful for their support, hard work, great teamwork and the memories we made! (So sentimental, I know). 


This is what we do in between adulting.

These amazing people all came to cheer us on!

My favorite part was the hugs and kisses from this girl after each workout!


I already posted our twinning photo, but it’s worth adding to her blog, too. πŸ˜‰

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