Day 209Β 

Kensie gifted me with sleeping in until 8:15 this morning!! Then she made up for it by putting up a solid fight at bedtime. πŸ™„

K played her little butt off today! No matter how much fun she’s having playing, she always chooses momma over her toys. Here’s proof x2. 

After lunch we headed to the grocery store to get fruits and veggies for Kensie’s food prep! A friend of mine gave me a tip to use silicone cupcake trays to freeze everything. I read an article online that said to use ice cube trays. I found the middle ground and ordered oversized silicone ice cube trays!   If anyone has tips or recipes – send them our way! 

When we got home we walked the pups then headed up to the gym. 

Kensie tried her best to play with Kinsley today.  I missed the photo of her face smashed all the way against the side. She didn’t quite understand the concept of her baby jail. 

After a good day…this is how I ended up putting my child to sleep tonight once she finished she throwing her body around, tossing her pacifier, yelling and fake crying for 45 minutes. 

Pillow fort for the win! πŸ†

OH – and Kensie’s bow today is from Baby Bling Bows and I am pretty sure they’re my new favorite!!! Perfect fabric that didn’t leave marks on K’s head and I love the colors!!

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