Day 208

In all the Mother’s Day gush I missed 2 super important photos yesterday! Well, I missed one. The other was taken after I posted. 

Kensie DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE the nursery at church yesterday. No joke. I was a little concerned dropping her off because she woke up so early and only napped for 5 minutes on the way there. Homegirl was ready to party!! She actually completely ignored me and wanted to keep playing. 

She wouldn’t even look up for my photo. 🙄

And this next photo might be my absolute favorite, ever. 

Putting this little one to bed (or maybe she put me to bed, lol!) was the absolute perfect ending to my very first Mother’s Day! 

Kensie goes through “clingy” phases where she won’t put herself to sleep in her crib like usual; however, if I lay down with her she’s out in under 90 seconds.  I think this is a growth spurt because it was paired with some extra eating this weekend. Either way, I’m good with it. I love that this little butt just needs her momma’s snuggles sometimes. (And for anyone that wants to give me the “you shouldn’t do that you’ll start a bad habit” advice…don’t. I can guarantee a day will come where she won’t need me to fall asleep.)

Her sleeping schedule has been all out of whack and she thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 5:50 this morning. Hahahaha…nope! Luckily I got her to go back to sleep for another hour.

Kensie was still a happy happy baby today, regardless of her lack of sleep! 

She also dominated her FOMO tonight and didn’t nap until I put her in the ergo baby at 7p. 

My late night class ends after next week and while I am loving this group – I am definitely looking forward to getting Kensie back on schedule and turning these 9 hour sleeps back into 12 hour ones! 

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