Day 190

Phew!! This child successfully wore me OUT today. We were out of the house almost all day so K’s naps were all messed up. She completely skipped her late afternoon nap and just wanted to be held from 5-8p. My insomnia last night paired with her clinginess this evening = one exhausted momma. 

All the errands and the Binxy baby FTW, again!
Loves helping mommy!

Kensie rolled from her back to her front today!!! Not going to lie, I was a little worried she’d skip that step. She doesn’t care to be on her stomach most of the time and loves being on her back so I didn’t think she’d try. After lunch she was a happy Rollie pollie and kept going back and forth like she’s known how to do it for weeks! Except for when I tried to video her, of course. 

Got to her tummy all on her own!!

She also drank from her sippy cup this morning! Like actually swallowed the water! Then, once she discovered how to suck the water out, she started chugging and spitting it all over. πŸ™„

It blows my mind how quickly babies pick up a new skill. One day it’s not there, and then BAM, the next day it is. As exciting as it is, it’s also another sign that she’s growing up way too fast! 

Speaking of growing, not only did she have to move up to the 6-9mo PJs tonight, but her thighs have also outgrown her romper. LOL!!

Chunky Monkey
These thighs are ready for squats

I am so very ready for the weekend…and to kick it off we have another #FreebieFriday tomorrow!!!! Check the blog tomorrow for our next giveaway! 

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