Day 167

WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH INTERNET BULLYING?! And I’m not just referring to the blantant comments or people that initiate it; but, the people who bully the bully. 

“You’re such a bully and you should stop being a bully so I’m going to bully you!!!”

Wait. WHAT!?

I got out my phone to start K’s blog tonight and was scrolling through Facebook and came across an article about a company being sued because their leggings keep ripping. 

I started reading through the comments and saw the gem that lit everyone right up:

Woof. Okay I understand how that could elicit some not so kind responses. Then I saw this: 


“Grow up and keep your mean comments to yourself.” That may have been an okay response if it didnt start with, “I hope you gain a bunch of weight and cry…” 🤔 

So it’s not okay for her to make a rude comment about someone’s size but it’s totally okay to say that to her? And from one comment on Facebook you’re questioning how she’s raising her children? 

She made an unnecessary comment, we can probably all agree on that, but she didn’t even directly attack anyone. 

Yeah. Karma…you may as well have told her you hope her house burns down. Because, karma? But, you’re right. She’s sooo mean. And you’re soooo nice. (Side note: thanks for the sensors Brittney! ;))

This was a response among others that called her (original commenter) a “tacky bitch” and “uneducated” and told her she shouldn’t say things like that. Yeah, ladies. I’m sure you all taught her a lesson in kindness and humility with those responses. 

Before I was even ready to start having babies, I always thought “I don’t know how I could deal with the stress of having a kid. There’s so many bad people out there. I can’t let her ride a bus, what if someone bullies her? I can’t let her walk to school. What if someone kidnaps her? I can’t let her spend the night at someone’s house. What if she’s exposed to inappropriate things?” How would I ever know my kid is always okay?! 

Now that I am a mom, I’ve learned part of being a mom is that you’re going to worry. About everything. Big and small. For what I assume is the rest of my life…

But damn. If I can just teach this little girl to be KIND to people (and exercise a little common sense), I think I’ll feel somewhat accomplished. 

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