Day 138

I couldn’t have asked for a better baby today! Eat, sleep, party. Repeat. Also, only one outfit for the WHOLE DAY!! (That’s right folks. The poop stayed in the diaper. I know you were wondering.)

Working on our Baby Gap photo shoot

Annndddd the photo bomber came…

Kensie is going through another clingy “I only want my mama” phase. It’s been tough for my little FOMO girl to nap at the gym in the afternoons. She gets tired quickly from all the people and everything going on so she usually needs a nap during the 2-3 hours we are there. 

Oh hey Dad! Thanks for the chew toy.

Recently she’s been pretty happy as long as someone holds her. Not today. Only momma. She fell right asleep. I handed her off thinking I could workout…nope. Woke up and cried. Took her back – back to sleep in an instant. Oye. Eventually she was out enough that I could set her in her swing and get a workout in. 

It may not always be convenient, but I’m trying to soak these little moments in since I know I’m going to miss them when they’re gone – and that’ll be all too soon!

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