Day 136&137

I’ve always seen Chris when I look in Kensie’s eyes…but these cheeks are another story! Haha!!

Me (L) and Kensington (R) at 4 months!
This weekend me and Kens were all about the twinning!!! (Yes I’m most definitely going to be “that mom”.)

The coordination was actually an accident Saturday morning. Also, I LOVED her outfit and she pooped in it in less than 20 minutes. 🙄
This one was completely on purpose.

K had a great weekend full of playing, naps and brunch – just how she likes it! Chris and I had a surprise party to go to Saturday night so Grandma and Uncle Matthew came down to hang with Kensie!

Parents night out!
While Kensie read books with Gramma!

Sunday morning naps and snuggles.

On Sunday we went to brunch and K got her much loved attention as usual. We are so lucky to have a great friends that like having her around and keep her entertained! At least we won’t have to worry about her being social…

Token Aunt time.

Also, Kensie has moved on from sucking her thumb. As of this weekend, she prefers her toes. 😳 I don’t have a photo yet – but you know it’s coming!!!

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