Day 43: K is 6 weeks! 

K only had one meltdown this morning and it was over in less than 5 minutes so that was good! It was so nice to wake up to a happy baby instead of a fussy one this morning! Praying it wasn’t just luck and the mylicon is actually working for her. 

We had a hectic morning trying to pack up to leave town as I realized I forgot to make arrangements for the dogs. We got it worked out, but that added dropping them off to my to do list. I also went back to coaching this morning. Thank goodness for bows because I threw one on her to pretend like she was wearing clothes instead of still in her PJs.   

See? It almost looks like she isn’t wearing her milk covered PJs…

She usually wakes up around 6:30-7a to eat. Go figure this morning she woke up at 6 which meant she’d want to eat again around 9, right when I had to coach. We made it work! 

Assistant Coach Kensie

This afternoon we drove up to Daytona for a wedding rehearsal dinner and K spent the evening with her grandma, B. She got to meet her cousins for the first time! B sent me updates throughout the night and after she ate, Kens basically slept basically the whole time. 

She’s mastered the “wiggle down”

It was quite the busy day and now we are finally all settled into the the hotel. Here’s to hoping Kensie wants to sleep tonight and sleep in tomorrow because I’m one tired momma! 

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