Day 42: My Little Screamer

What a day! Kensie slept AMAZING last night and was such a sweet cuddle bug this morning. However, once she woke up it was a whole different ball game. 

I feel like a lot of times we only see happy baby/kid posts and we don’t share the real nitty gritty of it. I didn’t start this blog to only share the “best” moments but to share the real ones. So, for all the mommas out there that have a baby who’s screamed it out – I’m right there with you! This little girl is amazing and sweet and cuddly and sleeps through the night – but sometimes she is not so happy and she has a SERIOUS set of lungs in her. 

So there’s that…

Last week when Kensie had her fussy fits it was in the evening. She wakes up with gas a lot and gets fussy, but this morning was a whole new level. If I wasn’t holding her, she was full out screaming. Once I picked her up it still took a while to settle her down. 

I had all these plans of doing laundry, running errands, getting some work done at Starbucks and packing for the weekend – HAHA!! I didn’t even get a coffee today…

​Eventually I got her to relax for a few minutes and she hung out on the “recliner” I made her while I got some work done. 

Once she was over that, we changed her diaper and she finally stopped sweating (from screaming 🙄) so we got her dressed and she took a power nap. 

We even got some strength training in while Kensie practiced her push ups on me! 

I also made it to the gym today…but my workout wasn’t nearly as impressive as hers. 

Things I learned today: running with a stroller is hard.

K just started the probiotics and she’s been taking gas drops but a friend of mine told me she used Mylicon for her baby boy when he had the same gas issues so we are giving that a go! Both times I gave it to her tonight she seemed to be okay after she ate. Fingers crossed! 

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