Day 3: Football and Family

Kensie had a very exciting first Saturday at home! Our morning started with some sweet surprise visitors from Jacksonville. 2 of my very best friends showed up with Starbucks for me and cuddles for K! 

Aunt Keelin and Aunt Awesome

Then she cheered on the UCF Knights with her daddy and she’d like to credit herself with the win. 😜

Then she got to spend the rest of the day with her Uncles, Grandma and Grandpa!!! 

Uncle Matthew
Uncle William
KB family day!

Aside from napping in most of her photos today – this little girl is so alert. She loves to look at whoever is holding her and has the most hilarious, stern, “I’m poooping” face. 

She got to rock 2 of her bows today since she made a “post football” outfit change!

Sweet snuggles with her Grandma!

And in other breaking news, I love this sweet girl more and more with every single second that passes! 

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