Day 1: Kensington is Here!!!

K was still hanging out in my belly at 40+ weeks so the plan was to be induced on Thursday, 10/20. 

On Tuesday night (10/18), Chris came home with Publix bags and said he was making dinner and I “had to eat it all”.  He told me it was a special salad that induces labor. LOL! I told him if it happened that night I’d give him all the credit. We joked around about it…but sure enough 2 hours after dinner I atarted having contractions! A little uncertain, nervous and excited, we decided to make our way to the hospital. 

We got there around 11:30p and by 12:15a my contractions had sped up to 2-3 minutes apart and strengthened immensely. We were sent to walk around the hospital for 2 hours. It was a long, painful 2 hours…but just before 4am we were officially admitted and it was GO TIME! 

Though the photo seems hilarious and shows how exhausted they were, this picture means the world to me:

(Husband and my momma!) Neither one of them had slept since Monday night – and they had to sit in a freezing cold room in not so cozy chairs. These 2 were the absolute best support system for me through every second of labor. They were there through every up and down and that time holds memories I’m forever thankful for.

It was a LONG, painful and exhausting 27 hours, but our beautiful little girl made her entrance into the world on Thursday, 10/20/16 at 12:22am! She was obviously waiting for the day she was told in the first place. 😉 She weighed 7lb 15.6oz and was 19.5in long. 

She is more perfect than I ever could have imagined. She’s such a strong, alert little girl and has the most gorgeous, piercing blue-steel eyes. Kensie loves to look around and practice pushing herself up off her tummy (yep, already!). 

After she rocked her birthday suit, she  kicked off her first day in style with her fancy hospital hat!!

So grateful for this amazing addition to our family and thankful for a healthy delivery for mom and baby. 

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