Day 231-237

Well. I cannot make this shit up…

Just a photo of her looking innocent before I show her true identity.

I read an article last night that couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. While Kensie was repetitively yelling “Mommy! Come here! Mommy! Mommy!” at 10:48p last night I scroll and see “Parenting a Spirited Kid will Test You in Every Way

Other terms and phrases definitely come to my mind but yes, spirited will do.

Y’all won’t believe what this kid did the other night. I witnessed it and I am still in disbelief.

She had every excuse and reason under the sun to not go to sleep. From 8-11 was non stop shouting and singing and playing and anything but sleeping. But then, a whole new level.

She said she had to pee. It’s a common excuse for her so we said go to sleep (she wears a diaper to bed anyway).


Y’all. If she ain’t the queen of gaining control I don’t know who is.

All I can pray after her escapades that night is that she has the same tenacity in her future career – because by golly if you’re gonna have it, USE IT. 👏🏼

Anyways, on to the golden child.

But for real, her shirt says “heart of gold”. 😜

Leighton is still chill as ever. She loves to play, clap, wave and has been babbling lots of “ba”s and “ma”s….no “da” sound yet so I may win this battle. 🏆

Elle is also the chunkiest chunk in all the land. She’s rocking clothes at 7.5 months that KB wore at 1.5 years. 😂

While Kensie may push us to our limits at times, she’s still got the BIGGEST heart and the biggest love for “my cutie girl”.

Last weekend was full of football, family, birthday parties…and better days than the ones where our child intentionally peed in her bed. 😆

The upcoming weekend is about to be filled with melatonin for her own good because LAWT if I’m not at my wits end…🤷🏼‍♀️😂

If you’ve got Thays in you…you gotta rock Packers gear
Unintentionally twinning with these cuties 👯‍♀️
Loves her some Ava 🥰
Princess Camila’s 5th birthday party! 🥳
A special visit from Mikayla and Joe! ❤️
And just a cute picture from one of our daily photo sessions while she’s still young enough to oblige and smile. 🥰

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