Day 50-52

It’s been a relaxing couple of days with just Elle home! She turned 7 weeks on Monday and has started babbling and cooing!

And modeling
JK. The other 72994 I took look like this. 🀣

We switched up our schedule since K was gone and hit the gym for the evening classes this week! Leighton timed her naps perfectly with my workouts and other than one scream sesh where daddy came to the rescue, going from 2 to 1 makes everything seem extremely easy. 😜

While she may be growing quickly, she’s still the good ole pooper we know and love. I had to remind the whole 5p that on Wednesday’s, we wear orange…and L took that memo a little too seriously.

Added her own orange to her romper

But hey, if blowouts are the worst thing I have to deal with – no complaints here!!

KB has been having the best time at B’s house but I can’t wait to get that crazy kiddo back tomorrow..though I’m sure she’ll be mostly excited to see Leighton.

Beach day with her cousins!
All this sand makes me cringe πŸ˜†

It was nice and quiet and the playroom stayed spotless for 3 whole days…but I’m so ready for another Elsa performance! πŸ˜†

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