Day 32-36

What a (long) weekend!

We kicked it off with by celebrating the 4th – our first Holiday as a family of 4! Elle slept through the neighborhood block party AND the 30 minute firework show that happening in our backyard. Kensie was the opposite of asleep, but wanted nothing to do with the fireworks.

…and nothing to do with photos πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

This weekend, my Aunt Kris and Uncle Kevin came to town to visit and to meet Leighton!

And Elle was obviously pretty stoked to meet them!!

We ventured out to the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market where K got her very first face paint art, followed by her first French braid!

She said it was Elsa!
And daddy got her popcorn the size of her body.
And to continue her Elsa obsession, she brought me her brush and a hair tie and said β€œI have Elsa hair?” 😍

I’ll admit, this babe constantly asking me to do her hair is every bit as exciting as I thought it would be when I found out I’d be a “girl mom”. πŸ˜†

We finished the weekend by taking them to the best restaurant ever: The Garlic!

Leighton slept the evening away while her sister ran in the rain, jumped off benches and redecorated the restaurant.

Both K and L have had stuffy noses this weekend (ohhh the joys of a newborn and a toddler that brings home her germs) but they both seem to be clearing up finally. The chiropractor was closed last week so it was the first week L didn’t get adjusted since she’s been born and this weekend she had her first 2 scream fests. I don’t think it was a coincidence! We made an impromptu visit today for an adjustment and to get her sinuses to drain and she seems to be much calmer and the stuffiness has improved!

^^ my friend Brenna got us this awesome carrier and I am OBSESSED!!! I had never even heard of them before but it’s so soft, light weight and comfy and she can face forward or backward! I linked it here for any mommas looking or if you need a solid baby shower gift!!

And finally…we got the rest of our Newborn/Family photos back!! I’m only slightly biased, but I love every single one of them…especially the ones below that show you what Kensie was REALLY doing the entire time, ha!!!

This was her playing “monkeys jumping on a bed” and the aftermath of her ripping her bow out of her hair like a true sasshole…

But she’s still cute…

And then there’s these, which show the many faces of Leighton…

The standard
The model baby
The wowza 😯
The blowout πŸ’©
The mean mug

She’s extremely expressive as you can see, and she’s now added a smile to these poses!

Just not when Kensie holds her. πŸ˜‚

But seriously – I am so glad we took the time to get these memories captured and our first “family of 4” photos taken! If anyone in Orlando is looking for an AMAZING photographer – Briana Lugo is your girl!!



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