Welcome to the party, Leighton!

We’re baaackkkk!!!! …as a family of 4!

I got asked SO many times about our blog once I announced this pregnancy and honestly I wasn’t too sure what my plan was!

I decided I wanted Leighton to have the same sort of journal of memories as KB does so, here we are! I also decided a whole new site wouldn’t make sense as they’ll always be part of each other’s lives and I think it’s only appropriate to document it all in once place!

As you know, or at least those that used to follow us know 😝, this started as a place to post K’s daily bow and turned into much more. Maybe now it’ll be to document their matching outfits 😂

Ready to head home from the hospital!

I went into labor the EXACT same day of my pregnancy that I did with KB!! 40 weeks and 5 days; though the stories and situations were worlds different. L was a much more enjoyable, peaceful and quicker process, that’s for sure! 😅

Lots of dancing through the halls and bouncing on balls to get L out!

When L first came out and the doctor handed her to me we locked eyes and all I saw was Kensie’s twin! L was .7lb lighter, the exact same length, and they both have a matching “stork bite” on their forehead!

The biggest difference is that Kens had (has) chunky feet and L’s are long and skinny. Hahaha!!! Maybe they won’t have to fight over shoes when they get older. 😂

Kensie is LOVING being a big sister. She talks about Leighton non-stop and is so excited every time she wakes up or gets home and sees her. She gives her lots of kisses and constantly comments that she’s “so cute”. She loves to tell L allllll about her day when she gets home from daycare.

I won’t pretend like it’s been all ease and sweetness – K is still being an OCD 2 and 1/2 year old and wants things her way and goes into tantrum mode when she can’t have it like that. She’s slightly possessive over Leighton; she wants to decide where, when and how L lays down, what blanket she has, what toys, etc…

We’re finding the balance in letting Kens be involved but helping her understand that she’s not in control and there are limits to what she can and can’t do.

Loves giving her kisses!

While having a newborn and a toddler presents a whole new set of challenges, having a newborn has definitely been a lot “easier” the second time around! The worries and stresses I had with K taught me a lot and it all feels much more natural this time – and from watching Chris with her I’m pretty sure he would agree!

For now – L is being a dream. Sleeping well. Breastfeeding great and is so extremely laid back. Guess you have to be with a big sis like K 😉

In all honesty, several tears were shed toward the end of this pregnancy as I looked at my sweet Kens and felt guilty or wondered how I could love another baby as much; and now that she’s here, I don’t know how I couldn’t. It is the most natural, normal feeling and I just know Leighton was meant to be part of our family! ❤️

Not sure if I’ll quite make the daily posts I did with K but I know WordPress doesn’t post through social media anymore since they updated their privacy laws; so, if you want to follow along there’s a “follow” or “subscribe” feature on here somewhere that alerts you of new posts! 🤗

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