Day 431

Look. What. I. Found!!!

I posted about this a while back when I weaned KB and her diaper started to smell like death and said I was going to get it to give it a shot. When I went back to get it, it was gone. Today, it was back!

Never thought I would find a toilet to be โ€œcuteโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Kensie is in the “copy everything” stage, so, why not take advantage of it? She can communicate most things she wants to through sign language already; I have faith that going potty can be one of them!

I know she’s young, blah blah blah…but I was also told she wouldn’t pick up sign language until around 12 months and she started using them around 8/9 – so I’m going to live in my dream land of her being potty trained early. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Anyways, enough potty talk. A miracle happened today. (No, she didn’t use the potty). KB took a 2.5 hour afternoon nap!! K usually takes a long morning nap. Afternoon naps are an hour or so, at most. Granted some days I have to interrupt her nap to wake her up for the gym.

This kid has the good life. Sign me up.

s coached my classes for me this afternoon so I could workout and so I wouldn't have to wake her and rush up there. What a perfect day for that! I've had a TON of work to get done before this weekend and I was able to avoid having to stay up until 2am to do it since KB decided she needed some extra beauty rest.

ie is teething HARD right now. Her molars are all swollen but haven't broken through. She took my hand and tried to gnaw on it this morning and she was extra cuddly all day.Iโ€™m praying this round of teething doesn’t screw up her sleeping AGAIN. It seems like every time this has happened, it’s messed her up and had her waking up at all hours of the night. She’s been such a champ since our one night of miserable sleep training and always sleeps 11-12 hours straight now. (knock on wood!!!) The last 2 nights she’s woken up around 11 crying. I give her Motrin and she goes right back to sleep. Tonight I remembered to be proactive and gave it to her before she fell asleep. Here’s hoping I dodged that bullet!

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